School Program

Student life at HOG School is a rich and vibrant experience. Striving to provide a well balanced spiritual, academic and social well-being, students are encouraged to both serve and participate in and beyond our community.

The School opens on Monday through Friday except on Public holidays.

School Timings

We have both the full and half-day programs as follows:

Full Day: 7.30am – 3:10pm
Half Day: 7.30am – 12:30pm (for the 2 – 3 year olds’)
only for parents that can pick their child

Please note that the Half day children should be picked at 12:30pm while the full day at 3:30pm at latest.

If someone different from known parent/guardian is to collect your child on any day, please inform us in advance or send a collect note with a child.



All children are served drinking chocolate and snacks at 10:00am with a substitution of milk on two of the days for the playgroup and KG1 classes.

A delicious well prepared and balanced meal will be served for lunch to all the children going full day.

We discourage bringing of food items from home.


A list of the school uniform is attached. The uniform is available at specific designated areas. Children must wear the right and correct pattern and colour outfits at all times as per the weekly timetables, all uniform items must be clearly labeled with the child’s name.

Co-curricular Activities

As part of our commitment to educating and developing the whole child, we recognize
the importance of providing a wide range of co-curricular activities.

House of Grace School

Academic Trips

To this end, we organize a whole range of class and club trips and excursions to various places for science, social and environmental studies, and innovation.

Clubs & Societies

They provide opportunities for pupils to take part, learn, develop skills, have fun and undertake roles of responsibility in running them.


We offer a conducive environment for nurturing students’ talents in all sports. They also learn the essential sports etiquette that reflect the acts of true sportsmanship.